Shaney Irene

On Faith, Life, and Being the Church

Blogs I Read

While I read a lot of blogs, these are my top favorites that I follow closely. 

Rachel Held Evans

Rachel grew up in a conservative Christian household and held all the traditional conservative beliefs. A faith crisis led to her rethinking a lot of her beliefs. I don’t agree with Rachel on a lot of issues, but her space is a good place if you consider yourself in a period of either deconstructing or reconstructing your faith. Questions and thought processes are encouraged here.

See Preston Blog

I had the privilege of going to Baylor University with Preston, and met him senior year through my boyfriend. Preston’s blog is a beautiful space that feels like a never-ending prayer. An artist with both paint and words, Preston helps others see the beauty in everything.

Rachel Heather

Several years ahead of me in youth group, I looked up to Rachel, who obviously loved Jesus and was a leader in the youth group. She’s a book lover and teacher whose passion is to get her students reading. Her blog is about anything on her mind, from her students, to media, to singleness, to Jesus.

Caitlin Muir

A fabulous co-worker of mine who has described herself as “a social media manager who occasionally hates social media”. Caitlin is an adventurous extrovert whose writing challenges us to think, to live life to the full, and to see our journey as an adventure.


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